Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour April 25th Playlist

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The Jimmy Buffett Ticket Giveaway is over, but we keep on rolling here on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!

This week's playlist is:

  1. Parrothead Rendezvous / Brent Burns
  2. Going Back to Louisiana / Delbert McClinton
  3. Creola / Nadirah Shakoor
  4. I Wish I Owned an Island (That Could Travel the Sea) / Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  5. Southern Cross / Eric Stone
  6. Gulf Coast Cowboy / Frank Foster
  7. Welcome to Paradise / Larry Joe Taylor
  8. Frio River / Mark David Manders
  9. Songs You Know By Heart / PHINS
  10. Long Way to Mexico / Roger Creager
  11. A Night on the Beach / Scott Kirby

Getting us rolling this week is our good friend Brent Burns!  "Parrothead Rendezvous" is from the Margarita Smile CD - a CD that we highly recommend for any Trop Rock fan.

Delbert McClinton is a man who's been around and left his mark on the international music scene.  He's influenced everyone from the Beatles to the Blues Brothers.  You can find "Going Back to Louisiana" on his the Jealous Kind album.

When you can go from an award-winning hip-hop group like Arrested Development to being the featured female vocalist for Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band and make both rock, you know you've got something special.  Nadirah Shakoor is, in fact, something special!

Proving that any coast is a good coast is Don Middlebrook and Living Soul from Michigan.  You can find "I Wish I Owned an Island" on his 2006 Welcome to the Planet CD.

By request, we are once again playing Eric Stone's cover of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash classic: "Southern Cross".  Parrotheads know that this song is one of Jimmy Buffett's favorites and is covered by him at many of his concerts.

Frank Foster is a Cypress Bottom, LA, native who grew up listening to Hank Williams and working on oil rigs.  The story is that a guitar fell into his hands for the first time during college - to our good fortune as he came up with some great songs like "Gulf Coast Cowboy"!

With Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival going on this week in Stephenville, we knew we had to get at least one song from the man himself into the show!  We hope you agree that "Welcome to Paradise" is a good choice.

A new addition to the show this week is Texas native Mark David Manders.  "Frio River" is a great tune from his 2005 Cannonball album.

We are always delighted to have a chance to play the PHINS classic, "Songs You Know By Heart".  You can find this song on their Fools, Drunks, and Children album.

Roger Creager has some serious talent - and "Long Way to Mexico" is as good as an example of that as anything!

We had the chance to play Scott Kirby's "A Night on the Beach" back in December and decided to hold onto it for a special occasion.  Well, we liked it too much and are playing it this week anyway!

That's the show for the week!  We hope you enjoy it and if you have any requests, suggestions, or comments shoot us an e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !