Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour May 30th Playlist

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It's time for another Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!


This week, we will be featuring:

  1. Duval Crawl / The Caribbean Cowboys
  2. Tropic of Texas / Dennis Davis
  3. Sailing Away From The Madness / Kelly McGuire
  4. Flip-Flops Required / Gary Seiler
  5. Red Neck Riviera / Gary P. Nunn
  6. Blame It On Buffett / Kelly McGuire
  7. Gulf Coast Day / Key West
  8. Songs You Know By Heart / PHINS
  9. A Pirate Looks at Forty / Roger Creager
  10. Son of a Son of a Sailor / Jimmy Buffett
  11. Senoritas & Margaritas / Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
  12. Key West Habit / Loren Davidson

The Caribbean Cowboys have been playing Trop Rock for over 20 years!  "Duval Crawl" is from the Down to the Islands album.

"Tropic of Texas" is from an album of the same name by Dennis Davis.  Davis is an up-and-comer in the Trop Rock scene that we recommend people take a look at.

You can find "Sailing Away From The Madness" on Kelly McGuire's amazing Boat in Belize CD.



Toes in the Sand is where we pulled this great Gary Seiler track, "Flip-Flops Required".

"Redneck Riveria" is on the Gary P. Nunn Greatest Hits Volume II CD.  What a great song from such a great artist!



Kelly McGuire is one of our favorite Texas artists!  Here is another great song by him: "Blame It On Buffett"!

The Key West Band included "Gulf Coast Day" on their appropriately named 2001 Beach Balls and Alcohol album.

From the Fools, Drunks, and Children album comes a great PHINS song, "Songs You Know By Heart".



Roger Creager's "A Pirate Looks at Forty" is a great version of the Jimmy Buffett classic that we just had to share.

Speaking of Buffett, here is his fantastic "Son of a Son of a Sailor"!

If you ever get the chance, check out the Amigos Out at Sea CD from Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band.  "Senoritas & Margaritas" is from it.  You won't regret it!

Signing us off for this week is a Loren Davidson song called "Key West Habit".  We hope you enjoy it and we hope you enjoy the show!  See you next week!