Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour August 8th Playlist

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Welcome to another Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!


Nothing like a little Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour to cool off in the August heat!


Our playlist for the week is:

  1. Suntan Lotion #9 / Jim Morris
  2. Top Down and Ridin' Around / Brent Burns
  3. ParrotBay / Jake and the Half Conched Band
  4. Flip-Flops Required / Gary Seiler
  5. Toes / Zac Brown Band
  6. Convertible Days / Pete Harris
  7. Sky Sand Water Moon / James "Sunny Jim" White
  8. Chevy Van / Jimi Pappas
  9. Fruitcakes / Jimmy Buffett
  10. Rock Me on the Water / John Hall
  11. Down at Sloppy Joes / Rick Steffen


We're starting off this week's show with something new!  Here is Jim Morris and "Suntan Lotion #9" from his 2008 One Man Party.

Next, we have another song that's new to our program: "Top Down and Ridin' Around" from Brent Burns!  Check out his Tropical Nuts album for more great tunes like this one.



This week we will be revisiting a group we haven't played since January, Jake and the Half Conched Band!  These guys included "ParrotBay" on their first album, Life on the Gulf.

We found Gary Seiler's "Flip-Flops Required" on his third CD, Toes in the Sand.  Make sure to check this California-based Trop Rocker out!

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the Zac Brown Band doesn't have to travel far to make it to the coast.  Here is "Toes" from the Foundation.



Pete Harris is a Florida-based musician who gave us "Convertible Days" on his album of the same name.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

"Sand Sky Water Moon" is the featured single from Sunny Jim's album of the same name.  This song goes out to anyone who likes any of those four things!

From his Hello Mr. Sunshine CD comes "Chevy Van" by Jimi Pappas!

Released in 1994, "Fruitcakes" is the title track to Jimmy Buffett's 19th studio album.



Here is something interesting!  John Hall, co-founder of the band Orleans, made a reggae version of Jackson Browne's "Rock Me on the Water".  He then made it the title track of his 2006 album.  If you like John Hall, let us know!

Originally released on Rick Steffen's Another Island album, "Down at Sloppy Joes" is a great way to end our show this week.  As always, join us every Thursday evening at 7 for the best in Trop Rock and Gulf Coast music - only on KBEC 1390!