Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour August 29th Playlist

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To celebrate the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is taking a little trip down south of the border!


Nothing like celebrating Labor Day in Mexico!


It's Mexico week!  As any Trop Rock junkie can tell you, there has been more than a fair share of great tunes written about the land of the golden eagle.  Here is our playlist for the show:


  1. Mexico / Jimmy Buffett
  2. He Never Came Back from Mexico / Brian Burns
  3. Long Way to Mexico / Roger Creager
  4. Think I'll Go to Mexico / Gary P. Nunn
  5. Just Came Down for the Weekend / Mark Mulligan
  6. A Bar Down in Mexico / Mark Mulligan
  7. Blame It On the Margaritas / Howard Livingston
  8. Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico / Pat Green
  9. Cabo San Lucas / Toby Keith
  10. Una Mas Cerveza / Tommy Alverson
  11. Maybe in Mexico / Tommy Alverson
  12. Beer in Mexico / Kenny Chesney
  13. Mexico (Things Never Change When Your There) / Gary Seiler



It's only appropriate that we lead into this special show with the King of Trop Rock himself, Jimmy Buffett.  Here is the aptly named "Mexico" from his Barometer Soup record!

If you like Brian Burns, you'll enjoy "He Never Came Back from Mexico".  It can be found on the Border Radio album.

By popular demand, here is Roger Creager's "Long Way to Mexico".  Look for the album by the same name for all of your Roger Creager needs!



Here's a great Gary P. Nunn song we've been holding back for just the right time - and that time is now!  "Think I'll Go to Mexico" is on the 1987 Border States CD.

We have two back-to-back Mark Mulligan songs from the wonderful A Bar Down in Mexico album for our fans this week.  First is "Just Came Down for the Weekend" and second is "A Bar Down in Mexico"!

The history of the margarita is (perhaps unsurprisingly) hazy, but all signs point to its creation on the Mexico side of the border.  Regardless, here is "Blame It On the Margaritas" by Howard Livingston!



Pat Green included his version of "Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico" on his Lucky Ones CD.  We hope to someday visit the place he's talking about!

From the That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy album, Toby Keith's "Cabo San Lucas" is a great love song about that great little city on the southern tip of the Baja.

Here are two great Tommy Alverson songs that we knew had to go on to this week's show: "Una Mas Cerveza" and "Maybe in Mexico".  Don't forget that Tommy Alverson's Family Gathering is coming up starting on October 3rd!



Here is the #1 hit song written and performed by Kenny Chesney, "Beer in Mexico".  It was originally released as the fifth single for his triple platinum The Road and the Radio album.

Ending things quite nicely this week will be Gary Seiler and his "Mexico (Things Never Change When [sic] Your There)" from the Living on Dreams record.

We hope you've enjoyed our little vacation for the week!  As always, join us at 7 o'clock every Wednesday evening for the best in Trop Rock and Gulf Coast Music - only on KBEC 1390!