Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour October 24th Playlist

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Grab your beach towel - it's time for another Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!


You know you love it!


This week, we will be featuring:

  1. There Ain't Not Kokomo / The Island Fever Band
  2. Waiting for Jimmy / Rob Mehl
  3. Beachcombin' / KD Moore & Greg "Fingers" Taylor
  4. Long Time No Sea / Kelly McGuire
  5. Back to Laid Back / Mark Mulligan
  6. I Wanna Touch the Sun / Sonny Russell & the Tropics Fins
  7. Southwest Florida Pearl / Sunny Jim
  8. Island / Thom Shepherd
  9. Soundtrack of the Summer / The Massacoustics
  10. Southern Cross / Eric Stone
  11. Livin' the Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About) / Brent Burns
  12. Red Neck Riviera / Gary P. Nunn



Nothing like the Island Fever Band to get things moving!  Here is "There Ain't No Kokomo" from their Sweet Pontchartrain album.

Next, we have a Rob Mehl tune that is just spectacular: "Waiting for Jimmy".  This is from his Neat, with a Twist! CD.

When KD Moore and the most famous steel guitarist in Trop Rock, Greg "Fingers" Taylor, join forces you know it's going to be good!  Enjoy their "Beachcombin'", because you know we do.



We haven't played this in a while!  Kelly McGuire's "Long Time No Sea" can be found on the indispensable King of the Island.

Mark Mulligan has a brand new CD out: Back to Laid Back.  Here's the title track for your listening pleasure!

"I Wanna Touch the Sun" was so popular when we played it a few weeks back, we thought we'd feature it again.  This number from Sonny Russell & the Tropics Fins is from their Caribbilly for Connoisseurs record.



Here's a Sunny Jim song you may not have heard before: "Southwest Florida Pearl".  You can find this one on an album we absolutely love called KISS.

We have another Thom Shepherd song from the Tropicalifragilisticexpialidocious CD for you.  It's called "Island" and we hope you like it!

The Massacoustics are a new group to our show.  Let us know what you think about their "Soundtrack of the Summer".

Fans of our show really seem to like Eric Stone's cover of "Southern Cross".  Well, we're all about giving the people what they want, so here it is again!



Our Brent Burns song for the week is one we know you love, "Livin' the Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About).

Gary P. Nunn is never a bad person to end any show with.  Here is his "Red Neck Riviera" to wrap things up!

That's the show for the week.  As always, join us at 7 PM on Wednesdays for the best in Trop Rock and Gulf Coast Music - only on KBEC 1390!