Gulf Coast Cowboys Hour January 23, 2013

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It's Girls Time on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour !!!!





1. ) I can't spell Caribbean/ Living Soul and the Pearl Divers

2.) Another Day in Paradise/ Southern Drawl Band

3.) Sweet Melissa/ Rob Mehl

4.) Tropical Girl/ Hanna's Reef

5.) The Surfer Girl/ Sunny Jim

6.) Brown Eyed Girl/ Jimmy Buffett

7.) Texas Girls/ Thom Shepherd and Kevin Fowler

8.) Island Girls/ Trop Rock Junkies

9.) Daddy's and Daughters/ Kelly McGuire

10.) I wanna touch the Sun / Sonny Russell & The Tropics

11.) Friday Night Feeding Frenzy/ Joe Bennett

12.) Conga line / Ron Bell

13.) Annie / Scott Kirby



Well the theme's been set and its time to set sail for another Caribbean sea adventure. From the album I can't Spell Caribbean, we bring you the title track by Living Soul and the Pearl Divers

Southern Drawl Band is new to the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour and their country sound is unique in every

way. Their album Against the grain was released in April 2012.




Rob Mehl has been featured several times on previous Gulf Coast Cowboy shows, his song Sweet Melissa was released in 2004 on the Album Just Give me the Keys


Hanna's reef form Texas and found on Sail away Records , featuring Jerry Diaz was also released in 2004, must have been something in the water back then to get all these artists thinking about Girls..



In 2010 Sunny Jim launched one of his more commercially successful CD's, Kiss would provide us one his all time best songs The Surfer Girl. Next time your in Florida make sure to check the local music scene in that Sunny Jim can be found in Tampa/ St. Pete or Orlando almost every weekend.




Any trop rock fan that doesn't have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in his or hers CD' collection is missing the essence of what Jimmy Buffett provides in a LIVE recording. The interaction with "parrot head"  fans is always an unique experience. Enjoy BROWN EYED GIRL a cover of the Van Morrison tune made popular by Buffett as a mainstay to his Live Performances.



Thom Shepherd and Kevin Fowler collaborated on Texas Girls an album released by Thom in April 2011. When your dedicating ashow to girls you gotta pay homage to the best girls in the country... Texas Girls

Trop Rock Junkies have their own take on women found on Islands, their song "Island Girls" from Live at the Hideaway Cafe was released in 2010. we have featured several other songs from this album over the course of the past two years including " I am a Trop rock Junkie" and "when the Tourists Go".

"Friday Night feeding Frenzy" by Joe Bennett can be found on the Fifty dollar Treasure Map a favorite for its "pirate artwork" album and CD cover.


Ron Bell's Trop Rock Party cd features one of our favortie pass times and the ultimate get up and boogie bar activity. Hope you have a chance somewhere in life to experience a "Conga Line" and find out first hand how low you can really go.




When you think Trop rock song writers who have a way of swooning the girls, Scott Kriby should be your first thought. "Annie" of his  A Night  on the Beach Cd, first published in 2007.

As always if you have any requests or recommendation for new songs we'd love to hear from you at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .