Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour: April 10th, 2013

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At The End Of the Day...


  1. Where Dreams and Sunsets Begin / Gary James Moeller
  2. Counting Sunsets / The Caribbean Cowboys
  3. Storms and Sunsets / Jim Morris
  4. Sunset Island / Bill Dossey
  5. Sunset Grill / Don Henley
  6. Shambala / B.W. Stevenson
  7. Heaven's Out On the Water / Bob Karwin
  8. Margarita Smile / Brent Burns
  9. Wagon Wheel / Darius Rucker
  10. Road Trip / Gary P. Nunn
  11. Chevy Van / Jimi Pappas
  12. Mississippi You're On My Mind / Jesse Winchester

What can we say about this week? From living large and partying to calming down by the beautiful sunset, it's a roller coaster ride with KBEC 1390! So let's "coast" our way into this week's Gulf Coast Cowboy playlist.

These songs are perfect tunes to listen to while you sit on the porch and relax with the last few rays of golden sunlight.

We start off with Gary James Moeller's dreamy title song:  "Where Dreams and Sunsets Begin".   Makes you want to drift away to that favorite hideaway right? There you can keep "Counting Sunsets" with the Carribean Cowboys. Afterwards, as if that wasn't relaxing enough, you can curl up at home with Jim Morris' ""Storms and Sunsets". There's always that little peace of heaven that's perfect for everyone, and you just might have found it with Bill Dossey's "Sunset Island." I'm telling you, the next thing you can do with that is have a nice cookout. You can do that with Don Henley and his song that's coming right up, "Sunset Grill". And that's just the start of tonight's laid-back lineup.

Next up is a nice "Shambala" with B.W Stevenson, another nice image of a good getaway, which in this case is a mythical land of peace! Of course, Bob Karwin's already beat us to the punchline: "Heaven's Out on the Water"! Brent Burns has the right idea with his next song. With this nice atmosphere, the good music and beautiful sunsets, how could you not have a nice margarita! So drink up to the tune of "Margarita Smile".

Of course, sunsets aren't always seen from standing still. Some are meant to be seen on the move! "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker is a good song to listen to while on the rode, or - heck, take "Road Trip" by Gary P. Nunn out for a spin! "Chevy Van" by Jimi Pappas is another good on the road song. Need a destination? How about you follow Jesse Winchester's idea: "Mississippi You're On My Mind."

Keep on dreaming with the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour  every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM.