Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour: April 22nd, 2013

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It's a Free For All at Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!


  1. I Make Music Where They Used To Make War / Don Middlebrook
  2. South Padre Sand / Forrest Lee Jr.
  3. Sand In her Shoes / Thom Shepherd
  4. Una Mas Cerveza / Tommy Alverson
  5. Toes / Zac Brown Band
  6. A Pirates Look At Forty / Jimmy Buffett
  7. Matagorda Bay /Josh Abbott Band
  8. Port Aransas Sand / Joshua Peek
  9. Blame It On Buffett / Kelly McGuire
  10. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (with Jimmy Buffett) / Alan Jackson
  11. Southern Cross / Eric Stone
  12. Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live) / Kenny Chesney

Hello and welcome back everyone! Its the favorite time of the week! Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is here, bringing in the good times and good beats! So come on down, grab a drink, grab a chair and get comfortable with us! This week we have an assortment of songs with an assortment of themes, so pick one you feel good about and make it your mantra for the day!


We start off with Don Middlebrook's "I Make Music Where They Used To Make War". That's a mantra we have all taken to heart and done, and as Don plays his song know that that's the goal we're all working towards. Forrest Lee Jr., who also makes a habit of teaching anyone and everyone the joy of playing guitar, comes up next with his song "South Padre Sand". Thom Shepherd reminisces the good times that have passed us all with "Sand In Her Shoes". And Tom Alverson, from our own backyard in Fort Worth, Texas, sings about the words that everyone needs to know to cross that language barrier: "Una Cerveza Mas"!

Zac Brown Band makes another appearance with"Toes", and are followed by the man that everybody loves: Jimmy Buffett. He sings "A Pirate Looks At Forty". It's okay Jimmy, you don't look a day over 50!  Josh Abbott Band come on in for the party, performing "Matagorda Bay". Joshua Peek picks up on the beach vibe and plays for us "Port Aransas Sand" and Kelly McGuire plays a classic: "Blame It On Buffett"

Alan Jackson reminds you not to heed the time too much when you're having a good time because "It's Five O'clock Somewhere (with Jimmy Buffett)". Eric Stone shows up to the party with "Southern Cross" and we end this hour with "Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live)" with Kenny Chesney.


Thanks for tuning in with us, hoping to see you all next week!