Gulf Coast Cowboy May 15th

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It's a Free For All at Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!

  1. Think I'll Go to Mexico / Gary P. Nunn
  2. Mexico / Stan Swiniarski
  3. He Never Came Back From Mexico / Brian Burns
  4. Beer In Mexico / Kenny Chesney
  5. Long Way to Mexico / Roger Creager
  6. Mexico / Jimmy Buffett
  7. Maybe Mexico (LP Version) / Jerry Jeff Walker
  8. Somewhere between Texas and Mexico / Pat Green
  9. Maybe In Mexico / Tommy Alverson
  10. Mexico (Things Never Change When Your There) / Gary Seiler
  11. Sliding Down to Mexico / Joe Bennett
  12. A Bar Down In Mexico / Mark Mulligan
  13. Gulf of Mexico / Larry Joe Taylor



Hello and welcome back everyone! Your mid week vacation is back! Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is here, bringing you the music and the feeling of our beautiful Texas Gulf Coast! So come on down, grab a drink, grab a chair and get relaxed with us! This week we have a collection of Texas Music songs from the best beach goers of the day, so pick one you like and let it take you away!


We start off with Gary P. Nunn  and his song "Think I'll Go to Mexico". Nunn was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame in 2004. Stan Swiniarski, follows appropriately  with his song "Mexico". Brian Burns sings ""He Never Cam Back for Mexico" for us. Brian has major new studio projects in the works, and Brian is hoping that Texans' reverence for, and value of, honest, home-grown music enjoys a long-overdue resurgence, because the best is yet to come. Kenny Chesney combines Mexico and No Shoes Nation in "Beer in Mexico.


Texas Music legend Roger Creager come a long way to crash the party with "Long Way to Mexico", and is followed by the man everyone wants to be: Jimmy Buffett and "Mexico". Jerry Jeff Walker Stops by with "Maybe Mexico". Pat Green is back "Somewhere between Texas and Mexico" and our own Arlington native Tommy Alverson also vacations with us singing "Maybe in Mexico”. Gary Seiler sing “Mexico” for us. Larry Joe TaylorJoe Bennett slides in next with "Sliding Down to Mexico" with  and Mark Mulligan makes a return appearance in "A Bar in Mexico". And we end our Mexican tour with Larry Joe Taylor's' "Gulf of Mexico".


If you'd like to make a request or have any suggestions for artist please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks for tuning in with us, hoping to see you all next week!