Biography: Stoney LaRue

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Stoney LaRue Phillips was born in Taft, Texas, in 1977. He is now one of the most well known Red Dirt country artists in America!


The music of LaRue and other Red Dirt artists combines the best of Texas Swing, Kentucky Bluegrass, southern rock, and even a little Tejano!


LaRue grew up in the southeastern part of Oklahoma on a diet of country music and southern rock, eventually finding his way to Stillwater.  He is a musician's son as his father played bass guitar.  When the "Red Dirt" scene began to come to national prominence in the early 2000's, he was right in the middle of it.  Playing at various bars and honky-tonks throughout Oklahoma and Texas, he lived with other Red Dirt stars Jason Boland of Jason Boland and the Straggers and Cody Canada of Cross Canadian Ragweed.  LaRue formed his first band, the Organic Boogie Band, and recorded his first album Downtown in 2002.  Downtown was recorded live in front of a specially selected audience in Tulsa, OK.  The success of the album let LaRue live a life on the road as a full-time musician, playing in over 300 shows a year.


While in school, LaRue lived and performed in the infamous Yellow House along with other iconic Red Dirt musicians.


LaRue's second album, the Red Dirt Album, was released in 2005 and was his first major success.  It peaked at #70 on the US Country chart.  The Red Dirt Album featured original compositions as well as covers, including a cover of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young".  Critics viewed the second album as a giant leap forward in LaRue's songwriting abilities and hailed him as one of the biggest names in not only the Red Dirt scene, but contemporary country music as a whole.  Busy with touring, the next album would be another live one, Live at Billy Bob's Texas.  This album featured some old favorites, some covers, as well as a new tune or two.  Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD/DVD combo, it would be re-released in 2007 with a full track listing due to popular demand.  It reached #65.


Velvet is LaRue's first foray into the Billboard Country Albums Chart Top 20.


Constantly touring, it would be several years until LaRue released another album.  Although there was a live acoustic album released in 2009, it wouldn't be until August 2011 that a new studio album would see the light of day. Simply titled "Velvet", the record jumped to #15 in the country charts, to #5 in the indie charts, and even to #53 in the Billboard Top 100.  Velvet has certainly been LaRue's most smashing success to date, but as he is only in his mid-30's it is clear that he has a long career of music ahead of him.  With other Red Dirt bands like Cross Canadian Ragweed going on hiatus, many fans see LaRue as the one who will keep the tradition alive.  LaRue himself does not indicate that he plans to slow down in any way anytime soon.


LaRue is a native Texan who's made Red Dirt a nationwide phenomenon.


You can find out more about Stoney LaRue at his website,  Join us on January 10th as we take a look at some of his live music on Live In Texas staring at 7 PM - only on KBEC 1390!



(2005) The Red Dirt Album - #70

(2007) Live at Billy Bob's Texas - #65

(2009) Live Acoustic - #66

(2011) Velvet - #15


Songs on KBEC 1390:

"Down In Flames"

"Feet Don't Touch the Ground"

"Oklahoma Breakdown"

"One Chord Song"

"Solid Gone"

"Texas Moon"