Photo courtesy of Stacie/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Stacie/Flickr

It’s easy to party 24/7. It isn’t so easy when you have to party with a purpose. Like figuring out how to stop Global Warming or finding the cure for Cancer maybe surviving  the inevitable messy relationship breakup. Whatever the cause of the drama the solution can found in song, friends, faith and a lot of caring. Tonights show isn’t about getting drunk and forgetting it’s about dealing with life and making the best of whatever situation comes along. Join us on Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm, for the journey and let’s make the world a little bit better for all of us on the planet.

Track Listing

  1. Crash My Party – Luke Bryan
  2. Parrothead Rehab – Mike Broward
  3. Here For The Party – Gretchen Wilson
  4. Buffett Night (Tonight, I’m a Parrothead) – Paul and Storm
  5. Parrotheads In Cowboy Boots – J. Michael Laferty
  6. Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Greezy Joe and the Cheap and Easy Band
  7. Parrotheads Together We Fly – Jimi Pappas
  8. Dancing Me Home – Jim Striclan
  9. It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere – Jimmy Buffett
  10. Too Drunk To Care – Kelly Brown
  11. Gulf Coast Time – Roger Creager
  12. Skeletons on the Beach – James White

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