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When the songs you play are meant to help people forget about their problems it becomes difficult to come up with different themes. So let’s call this show what it really is – Another way to Enjoy a Wednesday and forget about Life and all its complications. Sit back, stop thinking and enjoy.

Track Listing

  1. Beer, Buffett, and Baseball – The Boat Drunks
  2. It Sounds Like the Islands to Me – Jody Beggs
  3. Another Day in Paradise – Southern Drawl Band
  4. Just the Wind and You and Me – Steve Hopper
  5. Saltwater Cowboy – Thom Shepherd
  6. Jesus Love You – Mark Mulligan
  7. Peace Love and Sandy Feet – Mark Meadows
  8. Aquaholic – Sean Gasaway
  9. Sell Your Stuff Keep the Dog Live On the Land – Howard Livingston & the Miller Marker 24 Band
  10. Sunny Kind of Feeling – The Flip Flop Boys
  11. Tropical Illusion – Ty Thurman
  12. Work Now Beach Later – Isabella Stefania
  13. Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat- Jimmy Buffett

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