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When the world gives you lemons and you’ve squeezed enough to fill up the bathtub with lemon aid what is your left to do?  No sense in wringing some one’s neck and going to jail, just chill with us for an Hour and get your mangos back in order. The whole reason we do the craziness of the Gulf Coast Cowboy show each Wednesday is so that you have an outlet to relief the “Stress”. We will sail into another weekend by celebrating the ½ way point of another weekly journey. Tune-in kick back and let’s go find some Mangos.

Track Listing

  1. Last mango in Paris – Jimmy Buffett
  2. Some Beach – Blake Shelton
  3. If the Phone Doesn’t ring, It’s Me – Jimmy Buffett
  4. Senorita Margarita – Tim McGraw
  5. Livin’ The Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About) – Brent Burns
  6. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers –   Hanna’s Reef
  7. There Aint No Kokomo – The Island Fever Band
  8. Cabana Boy – Jim Hoehn
  9. Callin\’ In Gone – Jim Hoehn
  10. Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian – Jim Morris
  11. L.A. Freeway – Jerry Jeff Walker


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