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Sometime, try thinking through your feet. Figure out whether you want a solid piece of land underneath you or whether you might need a little lighter feeling under your toes. That sand between your toes might just be what you need to set your mind free. If you are looking for that escape this week’s Gulf Coast cowboy show is your destination. Join us as we put some sand under our feet at 7 pm Wednesday night.

Track Listing

  1. Blue Water White Sand – Dennis Davis
  2. Cool White Sand – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  3. In The Sand – Jack Mosley
  4. Out On Sandy Key – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
  5. Sandy Beaches (live) – Delbert McClinton
  6. Sandy Beach Cove – Richard B
  7. Island – Trent Willmon
  8. Sand – Greg Bates
  9. Way Down On the Island (live) – Lattitude
  10. Beachless – B-Man & The Mizzbeehavens
  11. Coast – The Detentions
  12. Bar On A Beach – Jambo Joe Bones

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