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Somethings just naturally go together, margaritas and salt, sun and bathing suits and guitars and beaches. Sit on any beach in the world long enough and we’ll guarantee somebody playing the guitar will make their way down through the sand. They’ll pull up a blanket or maybe just sit on an old piece of driftwood. Soon the air will be filled with mystical tunes about sailors, pirates, nights on the beaches or who knows what but the beach will come alive with the sounds of guitar chords floating in the wind. Let’s go join that trip … Wednesday night 7pm Gulf Coast Cowboy takes to the beach with guitar in hand…

Track Listing

  1. Guitar Island – Dom Middlebrook
  2. Beaches Are Empty – Gary Seiler
  3. Guitar & Flip Flops – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  4. Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen
  5. Boats, Beaches, Bikini’s,  and Beer – Mark Merritt & Sievert Ahrend
  6. Guitars and Fishing Poles – Steven Youngblood
  7. Bar On A Beach – Jambo Joe Bones
  8. Sandy Beaches – Delbert McClinton
  9. Guitars and Tiki Bars – Kenny Chesney
  10. Barefoot On the Beach – Bar Stools And Beach Chairs
  11. Walk on the Beach – Rob Mehl

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