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Sarah Rhodes is sitting in for a “beach bum Jim Phillips” as she takes you a magical adventure of finding somewhere and someone to Celebrate life with. From Sunshine ladies, to Sail riders and adventure seekers on Mallory square we have all the fun, frivolity and  craziness you have come to expect from a Wednesday night broadcast of Gulf Coast Cowboys. Come join the fun at 7 PM CDT or use the APP to listen in from around the world…

Track Listing

  1. Little Miss Sunshine – Brittany Kingery
  2. Livin’ The Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About) – Brent Burns
  3. Southern Girl – Mike Broward
  4. Beer Drinkers & Sail Raisers – Hanna’s Reef
  5. I Need a New Island – John Friday
  6. It’s 420 Somewhere – Rick Steffen
  7. Tijuana – Johnny Russler & the Beach Bums
  8. A Little Less Beer on the Island – The Detentions
  9. Mallory Square – Young Rebel Goombas
  10. Ocean Waves – Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band
  11. Soul of a Sailor – The Conch Fritters
  12. The Parrothead Fish – Eric Stone

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