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When the inspiration was spent over the weekend it becomes a tough call to figure out what Wednesday night will bring to the table. The Gulf Coast Cowboy show is dedicated to free form so we thought what better way to come up with a theme then total “Free Form”. We scrolled the 400 song library picked songs we hadn’t played in a while and burned onto this week’s playlist, no thoughts no deep discussion about the meaning of life or how the order should be planned. Just play them and let the Music flow as it will. Enjoy an hour of escape and let us know if you love or hate any of these songs at [email protected]. Thanks for listening and we appreciate the comments and feedback.


Track Listing

  1. Hard to Be Buffett, (Sometimes) – Brent Burns
  2. Just Wannabe – Kelly McGuire
  3. Broke On Spring Break – Jake and The HAlf Conched Band
  4. Our Jamaica – Adrienne Z
  5. Sand – Greg Bates
  6. It’ll be Ready Tomorrow – Eric Stone
  7. One Particular Harbour – Jimmy Buffett
  8. Island Attitude – Latitude
  9. Kiss My A1A – Sheree Cade
  10. Rum Cannon Ball – Seth Doherty
  11. Tropical Fool – The Coconut Boat Band


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