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So when the whole purpose of the Gulf Coast Cowboy hour is to celebrate making ½ way through the week how do you ever come up with your favorite Party songs to take you through that escape scene. One of our listeners sent in the request to create our “ultimate Party Plan’ Playlist. After contemplating the question for :22 seconds we scrolled through the 500 song playlist and came up with our top 200 songs ,then realized that would make for a very long show so we whittled, whacked and narrowed the focus. We came up with one simple criteria- we had to play the song if we were sitting in a bar with a roll of quarters to feed the jukebox machine. Thus was born the playlist below….

Track Listing

  1. The World Cantina  – Mark Mulligan
  2. Here for the Party – Gretchen Wilson
  3. Pour Me a Vacation – Pete Harris
  4. Crash My Party – Luke Bryan
  5. Just Another Drunken Tourist – The Mango Men
  6. Margaritas and Moonshine – Mike Broward
  7. Beach Goin’ Beer Drinkin’ Beautiful Day – Cindy Walsh
  8.  Neat, With A Twist – Rob Mehl
  9. Whiskey Kisses – Dani Hoy
  10. Rum and Coca-Cola – Gene Mitchell
  11. Margarita Smile – Brent Burns
  12. Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer – Billy Currington

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