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Sometimes it takes a song to bring clarity to your thought process. The playlist tonight has a true eclectic mix of songs that can provide you with insight to make life simpler, easier or maybe just a different way to see the world. Enjoy, drop us a line at [email protected] to let us know what you’d like to hear.


Track Listing

  1. Fat Guy in a Hawaiian Shirt – Johnny Russler & the Beach Bum Band
  2. Texas Turns Me On – Sam Masiello
  3. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  4. Gulf Coast Time – Roger Creager
  5. Where the Boat Leaves From – Zac Brown
  6. When the Tourists Go – Trop Rock Junkies
  7. Beach Separation Anxiety – Alan Reed
  8. Buffett, Boogie, and Booze – TJ Walsh
  9. Destiny & Fate – Kelly McGuire
  10. Welcome to Paradise – Tommy Alverson
  11. Our Last Day on the Beach – Martin Arthur Nickel
  12. Island Time – Kelly Brown
  13. The Pascagoula Run – Jimmy Buffett

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