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We made it to the “hump day”. Let’s celebrate by filling up the glass and chasing down a cold beverage. The summer heats starting to get to us all and we can see “Back-To-School” coming up fast, but we’ve got some summer left in us to celebrate. Join the fun with this week’s playlist of songs guaranteed to help you get rid of the mid-week blues.

Track Listing

  1. I Wanna Be A Coral Reefer – Danny Rosado
  2. Down by the Coastline – Boomer Blake
  3. Saltwater Gospel (Fins Up Version) – Eli Young Band & Jimmy Buffett
  4. Port A Saturday Night – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  5. Star of the Tiki Bar – Steve Hopper
  6. You and Islands – Zac Brown Band
  7. Limin’ – Jason Caraway
  8. This is the Summer – Mack Meadows
  9. Give Me the Keys – Cabana Dogs
  10. Tin Cup Chalice (Live) – Jimmy Buffett
  11. The Best Day – Keith Sykes
  12. Tastes Just Like Vacation – Thom & Cooley
  13. Shark on the Sandbar – Peyton Monarch Band

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