Exclusive “Gonna get me some” Don Middlebrook Interview

Join us for a worldwide exclusive as Don Middlebrook introduces his new song “Gonna get me Some”. We all have our ups and downs living through the COVIS-19 pandemic, the musicians who make their living on the road playing in front of live audiences have been especially hard hit by this turn of events. Don will share with us what it is like to pen the verse, lay down the track and bring the song to life.  7pm CDT the Gulf Coast Cowboy show will take to the air waves.

Track Listing

  1. Island Rain – Kenny Chesney
  2. Buffett on the Radio – Tropix
  3. Corona Drinking Dreamer – Jake and The Half Conched Band
  4. Mailbox Money – Jimmy Buffett
  5. Gonna Get Me Some – Don Middlebrook
  6. I’m a Pirate – Erica Sunshine Lee
  7. Highly Recreational Man – Jerry Powell
  8. Turn Around and Run – Kelly Mcguire
  9. Stay Thirsty – Mike Nash And Southern Drawl Band
  10. Palapa Joe – Donny Brewer
  11. My Jukebox at the Beach – Brent Burns

Video Preview

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