Photo courtesy of Jorge Andrade/Flickr

Join Sarah Rhodes Wednesday night as she takes you on a journey into the Sand and Sea. We help you get over the midweek blues here at the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. Tune in 7 pm CDT.

Track Listing

  1. Sand Dollar Millionaire – Bob Karwin
  2. Sandbar Serenade – Radio -James White
  3. Long Time No Sea – Kelly McGuire
  4. Sand Is Getting Heavy In MY Shoes – Brent Burns
  5. Sand In Her Shoes – Thom Shepherd
  6. Some Beach – Blake Shelton
  7. Blue Water – Jimi Pappas
  8. Walk ON the Gulf – Bill Mitchell
  9. Island Hopping – Al Mosier
  10. Sunset Island – Bill Dossey
  11. Sand Therapy – Barefoot Reggie Starrett
  12. South Padre Sand – Forrest Lee Jr.
  13. In the Sand – Jack Mosely
  14. Texas Sand – Brad Monkeys


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