Heading to Warmer Climates


We my act like the Holidays are joyous but when that  north wind start blowing and the thermometer drops below 50 the flip flops come off and we think about heading further south. Let’s make the journey easier on you by giving you a playlist for the trip. Let us know if you have any suggestions! Send them to [email protected].

Track Listing

  1. The Road Less Traveled – KD Moore
  2. Hammock in the keys – Southbound
  3. Southern Destination – The Tapwater Conchs
  4. Paradise At the End of AIA – A1A
  5. Changes In Lattitudes – Jimmy Buffett
  6. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’Arcs
  7. My Hammock’s Tied At Both Ends – KD Moore
  8. Sun Starved American – Bob Karwin
  9. Sandy Beaches (Live) – Delbert McClinton
  10. Little Summertime – Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul
  11. Stole Jimmy Buffett’s TV Guide – Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  12. Santa Claus Has Dreadlocks – Eric Stone

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