Booze Cruise

Making Sure We Pronounce All The Words Right

This is the playlist the FCC warned us about. We have to ensure we are sober. Alert and have the ability to properly annunciate each song title. As we close down 2020 and celebrate the New Year we wanted to flush 2020 w2ith a play list that appropriately celebrated this year of (fill in the blank because anything we say wouldn’t be PG in nature) .  Thanks for listening in each Wednesday night and helping us make it through 2020, to you your family friends and Parrothead we thank you, wish you the best in 2021 and hope to make the New Year the best ever.  Sail on friends!

Track Listing

  1. Ship Happens!! – A1A
  2. Momma Dropped the F-Bomb – Brent Burns
  3. The Sand I Brought To the Beach – Luke Bryan
  4. Love Me Like My Dog – Chris Bellamy
  5. Rum Is a Many Blendered Thing (Floribbean Version) – The Coconut Boat Band
  6. Skeletons On The Beach – James Sunny Jim White
  7. Off the Grid – Jeff and the Camaros
  8. Just a Wannabe – Kelly McGuire
  9. Silver Tongued Devil (Live) – Kris Kristofferson
  10. Coconuts – Larry Joe Taylor
  11. Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson) – Kenny Chesney
  12. Can I Give It Up Yet – Loren Davidson
  13. My Retirement Plan – Mike Broward
  14. Pour Me a Vacation – Pete Harris

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