We are heading to a southern latitude to cast our troubles out the door and find some sand between our toes.  It’s Wednesday night that needs to focus on finding some quality ocean time and less stressful thoughts.  Let’s kick back and simply enjoy the idea of doing nothing but listening to great music for an hour.

Track Listing
  1. Landlocked – Aaron Scherz
  2. Dancing on the Island – Christina Sonnemann
  3. Beach Bums and Boats – Luke Rippintide
  4. Why Don’t You Meet Me Down in Corpus – Gary P Nunn
  5. Sandy Beaches (Live) – Delbert McClinton
  6. Back to the Ocean – The Flip Flop Boys
  7. I Lobster But Never Flounder – John Reno and Half-Fast Creekers
  8. Under an Old Plam Tree – Troy Powers
  9. You, Me, Vitamin D – Robin Tricker and Anthony Krizan
  10. Parrothead Rehab – Mike Broward
  11. We Owe It All to Jimmy – Jimmy and the Parrots
  12. In The Sand – Jack Mosley
  13. Railroad Lady – Jerry Jeff Walker
  14. With Apologies to Jim Morris – Danny Rosado

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