Photo Courtesy of Penny Higgins/Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Penny Higgins/Flickr

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week we’re dealing with people. The kinds of people that make you want to pull your hair out. This week’s episode is dedicated to all of the crazy thoughts we have when dealing with people who make us question our sanity. Tune in to KBEC on Wednesday Night at 7pm!

Track Listing

  1. People Are Crazy – Billy Currington
  2. A Parrothead Looks At 40 – Flip Flop Dave
  3. Beach People, Beach Music – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  4. My Kind Of People – Mark Mulligan
  5. Chevy Van – Jimi Pappas
  6. Fruitcakes – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Just A Wannabe – Kelly McGuire
  8. That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) – Lyle Lovett
  9. Friday Night Feeding Frenzy – Joe Bennett
  10. Rita’s Going Wild – John Friday
  11. Everyday People – Reba McEntire & Carole King

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