Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr

Finding Peace at Home or on the Beach or maybe in the Conga Line

Well the politics are in full swinging mud throwing motion, the weather is crummy, then clear then who knows what and we are all stuck between now and Spring break wondering how we are going to survive. We have the answers to all those mystery of life type events. We simply find Peace. Peace on the dance floor. Peace on the Beach. Peace at Home. Let’s celebrate Life one day at a time.

Track Listing:

  1. This Place is My Home – Scott Kirby
  2. Off the Grid – Jeff and the Camaros
  3. Buy a Boat and Sail Away – Percy Abell
  4. Pirate Girl – Jessie Rice
  5. Take Your Shirt Off and Dance – Jim Asbell
  6. Life in the Laid Back Lane – John Frinzi & James White
  7. Big Island Love – Calbana Dogs
  8. Gentleman of Lesisure – Jimmy Buffett
  9. Port Aransas – Lange Debault
  10. Spring Breakdown – Luke Bryan
  11. Beach House on a Small Island – Mango Island Sound
  12. One Day at a Time – Parrot Island Band

Video Preview: