Photo courtesy of Ken Teegardin

There seems to be an ever burning desire to hit the road and find some sand. The questions we are faced with are always the same, “How do we pay for it?”, “ When do we leave?” and ultimately “Where are we going?” Well if you came to the Gulf Coast Cowboy show for those kinds of answers we hate to disappoint you but we never think that hard. We are too busy picking out music and being foolish. Thinking requires work. We are all about avoiding that. Come listen at 7PM and you’ll get the picture…

Track Listing

  1. Corpus Christi Callin’ – Todd Fritsch
  2. Long Way to Mexico – Roger Creager
  3. Vacation Location – Sam L Rainwater
  4. Happy Hour Blues – Scott Kirby
  5. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson
  6. Redneck Parrothead – Slidawg & The Redneck Ramblers
  7. Florida Wildfire – Sonny Russell & The Tropics
  8. Another Day in Paradise – Southern Drawl Band
  9. Little Miss Sunshine – Brittany Kingery
  10. Jimmy Buffett Fan – Steve Tolliver
  11. Back to Belize – Swim Skinny
  12. Sand In Her Shoes – Thom Shepherd
  13. GPS to Nowhere – Sand Dollar Rodeo

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