the weather gives you Sunshine

Well a week after Sowvid-21 we are looking at 70 degree temperatures and sunny sailing through the rest of Texas winter. Let’s navigate our way around the Gulf coast and start the celebration with some music designed to get you into the “sunshine Spirit.

Track Listing

  1. Long Hard Winter – Mack Meadows
  2. It’s Called Key West – Bill Crowley
  3. Come Away to Belize with Me – Jerry Jeff Walker
  4. A Slice of Heaven – Todd Trusty
  5. Knnee dru
  6. Livin’ the Salt Life – Ray Boone did that
  7. Talespin – Don Middlebrook
  8. The Same Boat – Eric Stone
  9. Somewhere Down U.S. 1 – Tiki Thom Starkey
  10. Life is better in Flip Flops – Tiki Thom StarkeyJustice Eustenene
  11. Drink Beer – Jason Eustace
  12. Just Came Down for the Weekend – Mark Mulligan

Video Preview

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