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Traveling is a common theme for the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. We are always trying to find more beach time, more sunshine and lots of places with bathing suits as the preferred dress code. The question becomes why are you making the journey? Broken heart. Escape. Mental relief from the job. The list is long and wandering. So we attempt tonight to provide the road map to NOWHERE. Join us with the salt and lime in hand for the Journey out of Here. Where ever here may BE!

Track Listing

  1. Headin’ South – Jack Mosley
  2. Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico РPat Green
  3. So He Sails – Eric Stone
  4. Come Away to Belize With Me – Jerry Jeff Walker
  5. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’ Arcs
  6. Born to Ride – Southern Cross
  7. Paradise, Quickly – John Frinzi
  8. Back To Laid Back – Mark Mulligan
  9. The Road to Rum – Mike Brown
  10. Time to Go Find an Island – MJ Wicker
  11. See Ya Later, I’m Gone – Parrot Island Band
  12. Islamorada – Southbound

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