Surviving the Cold

When the temperature plummets, we do what all trop rockers do, We Party! Bring on the snow , the cold weather and the time inside, we’ll be in the Conga line. Join us tonight at 7 pm for a Cold night party!

Track Listing

  1. Snow on My Beach
  2. Another Beach Song
  3. Tastes Just Like Vacation
  4. Back to the Beach (Only in My Mind)
  5. If Tequila Won’t Do It
  6. Fruitcakes
  7. Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live)
  8. Meet Me in Corpus
  9. Little Summertime
  10. Fruitcakes Fruitcakes
  11. Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live)
  12. Meet Me in Corpua
  13. Margaritas and Moonshine
  14. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett) You Get What You Give (Deluxe Version)
  15. Party in the Keys Party in the Keys – Single
  16. Banana Pancakes You and I – EP

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