Having fun

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So why do you listen to the Gulf Coast Cowboy show? We think we know. Listening to great music helps you make it through the week. So the playlist this week focuses on the basic- Having fun. Let us know how we did? Any requests, make those to [email protected]… Thanks, for sharing the show with your friends we are getting requests from far and wide now.

Track Listing

  1. Magic In Key West – Howard Livingston & The Mile Marker 24 Band
  2. Salt in My Veins – Jake and The Half Conched Band
  3. We Owe It All to Jimmy – Jimmy and The Parrots
  4. Sanday – Becky Denton
  5.  I Will Play For Gumbo – Jimmy Buffett
  6. Beach in My Life – Danny Rosado
  7. Liquid Fun _ Will Gunnell
  8. Some Beach – Blake Shelton
  9. You, Me, Vitamin D – Robin Tricker & Antony Krizan
  10. Magic Chair – John Reno & The Half-Fast Creekers
  11. Beach Please – Kevin Fowler
  12. Corona Con Lima – Larry Joe Taylor

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