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Time to find the pool, the beach, the hot tub or even the bathtub. Let’s defrost the bones, find a little H2O rehabilitation and soak up life’s finer moments. It’s time for one-hour forgetfulness. Brought to you BT the Gulf Coast Cowboy crew, this hour is made possible by the healing powers of soaking in a salt bath, laying by the swimming pool or just feeling the water bubbles against your back in the Jacuzzi. Let’s kick it back turn up the radio, press the KBEC app on the phone or just drive around all night and crank it up. All we ask is that you listen and enjoy!

Track Listing

  1. Swimmin’ In Sunshine – Billy Currington
  2. Rum Is a Many Blendered Thing – The Coconut Boat Band
  3. Fat Man In the Bathtub – Little Feat
  4. Pontoon – Littel Big Town
  5. Life In the Laid Back Lane  – John Finzi and James White
  6. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  7. Peace Love and Sandy Feet – Mack Meadows
  8. Escape for a Smile – Boomer Blake
  9. Meet Me in Corpus – Larry Joe Taylor
  10. We Owe It All to Jimmy – Jimmy and the Parrots
  11. Parrothead Rehab – Mike Broward
  12. Cats Of Hildago Street – Sunny Kim White
  13. Back to Belize – Swim Skinny

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