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Ever wonder how to keep together when all the crazy people in the world are out there yelling screaming and causing commotions? Well, we’ve got you covered with songs that simply tell how to deal with all the crazies. Of course, if you listen to the Gulf Coast Cowboy show long enough you may find out we are those people as well. So, to all the crazies who simply need to blow off a little steam or find peace in their thoughts, we dedicate tonight’s songs to help you make it through the week, we also provide some advice how to deal with the OTHERS. Tune in Wednesday night, January 25th, at 7pm and enjoy the escape.

Track Listing

  1. People Are Crazy – Billy Currington
  2. Coconut Telegraph – Jimmy Buffett
  3. Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen
  4. My Kind of People – Mark Mulligan
  5. You Drive Me Crazy – Kelly McGuire
  6. The Gulf of Mexico – Steve Earle
  7. Fools, Drunks and Children – PHINS
  8. Beach People, Beach Music – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  9. Live a Little, Get Wet a Lot – Living Soul and the Pearl Divers
  10. He Said So Long – Jim Morris
  11. The Road Less Traveled – KD Moore
  12. Back From Where I Come From (Live) – Mac McAnally
  13. Sailor’s Prayer – Keith Sykes

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