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Let us bring some warmth into your frigid bones. Tired of the cold well we have the answer here during the Gulf Coast Cowboy hour. We’ll take your mind to the surf and sand. Deposit your brain for awhile on the beaches of a lost continent. Let us bring some warmth into your life as we celebrate a New Year with New Temperatures.

Track Listing

  1. Air Sunshine – Jambo Joe Bones
  2. Freezin’ for No Reason – KD Moore
  3. Changes In Latitudes – Jimmy Buffett
  4. Blame It On Buffett – Kelly McGuire
  5. If It’s Snowbird Season Why Can’t We Shoot ‘Em? – Brent Burns
  6. Beach Life – Don Middlebrook
  7. Somewhere South of Somewhere – Eric Stone
  8. Skeletons On The Beach – James Sunny Jim White
  9. Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life – Erik Pietsch
  10. Guitars & Flip Flops – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  11. Island Time – Hanna’s Reef
  12. Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Greezy Joe And The Cheap And Easy Band
  13. Ocean Waves – Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band

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