Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr

We explore the concept of setting sail for new adventures for “New Year Resolutions”. A change of scenery can change an attitude. A change in attitude can bring new insight into how to live life to its fullest. Isn’t that what life is really about, living each moments to its fullest no matter where you find your body? Try singing in line the next time your checking out the grocery store or maybe just offer a random act of kindness when you are driving down the road. Doesn’t matter how you set sail for a new year as long as you end up in a better place at the end of the journey. Join us as we explore this concept on this week’s Gulf Coast Cowboy on KBEC 1390 at 7pm. 

Track Listing

  1. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’Arcs
  2. Matagorda – Larry Joe Taylor
  3. Everyone Matters (One Human Family) – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  4. Sober Until October – The Tapwater Conchs
  5. If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett
  6. Sol Searching – Scott Kirby
  7. Can’t Help Feeling Sorry – Sunny Jim White
  8. Tropical Breeze – Pirate Dreams
  9. Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live) – Kenny Chesney
  10. Senoritas & Margaritas – Johny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
  11. We Got Our Beach Back – Mark Mulligan
  12. Tropical Therapy – Loren Davidson

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