Thanks for tuning into our weekly “hump day” break called the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. The Holidays are behind us its full sail ahead and we want to start the year off by helping you break every one of those stupid resolutions. Listen to more radio, have more fun and find more excuses to go live on a beach. Ever hear of overstressed people from the islands, exactly, they get it. It’s all about learning to chill out, don’t sweat the little stuff and learn how to enjoy life. Sit back and enjoy our show and as always feel free to make a request or let us know what you think of the set list by sending us an e-mail to [email protected].

Track Listing

  1. Back To The Island – Leon Russell
  2. Staycation  – Double Dee
  3. Beach Butt Therapy  – Steve Bowles
  4. Island Time – Larry Joe Taylor
  5. Incognito – Kimberlie Helton
  6. Nothin’ but a Suntan – Mark Willis
  7. I’m a Pirate – Erica Sunshine Lee
  8. Workin’ ‘N’ Playin’ – Jimmy Buffett
  9. Back On the Sea – Rick Steffen
  10. Life In the Laid Back Lane – John Frinzi & James White
  11. Beer Can Island – Matt Billor
  12. If I Were a Boat – Percy Abell

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