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Music should be fun, it should tell a story and make you laugh. The songs, parodies, and melodies we put on the air during the Gulf Coast Cowboy show reflect this opinion. We don’t ever take life too seriously. How can we when we’re so happy to make it to this midpoint of another week? Come celebrate with us this Wednesday at 7PM CDT as we provide you with a summer reprieve from the “dog days”.

Track Listing

  1. Too Drunk to Meet Jimmy Buffett – Jesse Rice
  2. I Will Play For Gumbo – Jimmy Buffett
  3. Beach Please – Kevin Fowler
  4. Bonefishing – Johnny Russler & and The Beach Bum Band
  5. Beach Town – Rob Hill
  6. Chasing the Sun – Tim Charron
  7. Let Me Take You Away – Peyton Monarch Band
  8. Buy a Boat and Sail Away – Percy Abell
  9. Flip Flops – Joe Downing
  10. I Lobster But Never Flounder – John Reno & The Half-Fast Creekers
  11. Just a Wannabe – Kelly Mcguire
  12. Girl Wih A Fishing Rod – Kely Parkes
  13. Soul of a Sailor – Kenny Chesney
  14. Too Drunk Too Fish – Ray Stevens

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