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Congratulations Gulf Coast Cowboy fans, we are playing the songs you requested over the last 3 months in no particular order but with one thing in mind, making it through hump day. As we enter the “Dog Days” of Summer we know you are looking for as much relief as you can get. We are bringing it. Enjoy the tunes and hope you can stay cool. Drop us a line if there is a song you need to hear. [email protected] and we’ll make it happen. Tune in to KBEC 1390 on Wednesday, July 12th, at 7pm!

Track Listing

  1. Ship Happens!! – A1A
  2. On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful – Kenny Chesney
  3. Port Aransas – Lange Debault
  4. Premature Intoxication – Jim Morris
  5. Red Neck Riviera – Gary P. Nunn
  6. Coastal Dreamin’ – John Friday
  7. We Owe It All to Jimmy – Jimmy and the Parrots
  8. Gumbo Beach – Billy Mitchell
  9. Living the Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About) – Brent Burns
  10. Parrothead for the Day – Cedar Island Band
  11. Coconut Radio – Coconut Radio
  12. Salt in My Veins – Jake and the Half-Conched Band

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