On his journey to Seattle Washington Jim Morris had a brain aneurysm and finds himself in a coma, fighting for his life. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Sharon and all the musicians that call this trop rock musician a friend. We honor his music tonight and hope for a speedy recovery. Tune in to KBEC Wednesday, July 13th at 7pm to hear our tribute to Jim Morris!

Artist BioJim-Morris-ZHY18-2

Jim Morris is an articulate singer/songwriter with a devotion to storytelling. Whether it is a thoughtful ballad about doomed love or an anthem to a night of drunken revelry, the listener can always count on well-crafted songs with carefully drawn characters, clever lyrics, and satirical charm.  He left the corporate world in 1996 to concentrate on his musical career and since then has released more than 24 CD’s of original music.

Track Listing

  1. Laid Back and Key Wasted – Jim Morris
  2. I Think About Boats – Jim Morris
  3. Land of No Mondays – Jim Morris
  4. The Cha Cha Band (feat. Don Middlebrook & John Patti) – The Boat Drunks
  5. Something to Beach About – Dennis Davis
  6. Damn Good Dance – Brent Burns
  7. Our Own Adventure – Nicky Fabbz
  8. Parrothead for the Day – Cedar Island Band
  9. Coastal Cowboy – John Friday
  10. All Hands on Deck – Rick Lamb and the Phin Addicts
  11. Welcome to the Beach – PHINS
  12. Good to Have A Friend – Peter Mayer

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