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If you can’t embrace the heat of July in Texas then you are going to have a tough time until October because we all know that the thermometer isn’t going below 70 anytime soon. So let’s do what we do best here during the Gulf Coast Cowboy show and just pretend it’s January instead. We need to think positive to figure out how to deal with the heat.  The songs we picked for this week’s show will help the journey.

Track Listing

  1. Air Sunshine – Jambo Joe Bones
  2. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  3. The Tropical Shirt Song – James Jeff Walker
  4. N’awlins Night- Davin James
  5. Come Away To Belize With Me  – Jerry Jeff Walker
  6. Hit The Beach – Brent Burns
  7. Heaven’s Out On the Water – Bob Karwin
  8. Callin’ In Gone – The Boat Drunks
  9. Summer Love – John Reno
  10. Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band
  11. Last Song of the Summer – Dennis Davis
  12. Little Summertime -Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul


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