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We wandered through the playlist and found some old favorites, some new artist who tugged at our ears and hearts to put together this week’s playlist. Always trying to expand our Gulf Coast Cowboy horizons we searched for a new place to watch the sunset in the Gulf or maybe just in Texas overall.  Hope you enjoy some the new tunes. Let us know what you think of the playlist and how we can make your mid-week escape to the Beach abutter trip.

Drop us a line if we need to add any new music or you have a request. [email protected].

Track Listing

  1. Sunshine State of Mind – Randy Moore
  2. Me Time – Brooke Graham
  3. Gulf Coast Cowboy – Frank Foster
  4. Postcard Livin’ – Gary James Moeller
  5. Conch Bar – Jim Asbell and The Tropiholics
  6. Why Don’t You Meet Me Down In Corpus – Gary P. Nunn
  7. This Is The Summer
  8. Carolina Shore (feat. Chris Miller) – The Carnival Band
  9. I Wish I owned An Island ( That Could Travel the Sea) – Don Middlebrook Ans Living Soul
  10. Let Life Flow – The Flip Flop Boys
  11. Down Island Way  – Gene Mitchell
  12. Island Lady – Boomer Blake


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