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We visited our friends at A1A Radio on the web and found some great new artists and songs to bring your way. These guys are the Trop Rock music Junkies of all time. Check them out at We will give you a one hour taste of their station and some ongoing updates to our Gulf Coast Cowboy show. Come chill with this Wednesday at 7pm, CDT.

Track Listing

  1. Beach Girl – Allen Wronko
  2. Little Torch Key – Jody Beggs
  3. Nothing To Do and All Day to DO It – Darrell Clanton
  4. Moonlight On The Gulf of Mexico – Scott Niolet
  5. Me Time – Brooke Graham
  6. Carribean Blue – Bill Cockrell
  7. Overtime Play – Ty Thurman
  8. Flip Flop Girl – Bill Cockrell
  9. Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson) – Kenny Chesney
  10. Anywhere There’s Beach – Steve Hopper
  11. Refuge – Randy Moore
  12.  Smillin’ in the Islands – Mack Meadows

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