Songs to be Played.

We all listen to music for different reasons but the one thing that brings it all together is the message. The song carries us away to a beach or makes us think about an old honky-tonk we frequented one money was scarce but thirst was greater. We hear a song and ask ourselves why they don’t play that on my radio station. well here are those songs that you need to listen to and must be played. Enjoy!

Track Preview

  1. Some Beach – Blake Shelton
  2. Gulf Coast Girl – Caroline Jones & The Pelicanaries
  3. Scarlet Begonias – Jimmy Buffett
  4. Edge of Paradise – Rick Lamb and The Phin Addicts
  5. Toes – Zac Brown Band
  6. Til I Met the Cowboys – Thom & Coley
  7. Florida Days – Todd Sparks
  8. Long Way to Mexico – Roger Creager
  9. This Bar Needs a Town – Mark Powell
  10. Another Day in Paradise – Southern Drawl Band
  11. Saltwater Gospel – Eli Young Band & Jimmy Buffett
  12. Salt Water Happy – Robin Tricker
  13. Coconut Tree – Kenny Chesney

Video Preview

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