We Redefine Eclectic

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We redefine Eclectic as a playlist that has a little bit of everything from fun in the sun to tunes we just plain like to play. The list has some requests as well as songs that may be new to your ears. At the end of the day the goal is the same- celebrate hump day, be laid back in your thinking and don’t get to wrapped up in the day to day grind. If you want to contribute to the journey send your requests to [email protected]. If you want the song s deleted let us know that as well.  Thanks for listening and making us part of your Wednesday nights!

Track Preview

  1. Beach Bums & Boats – Like Rippintide
  2. When They Bringing Back Happy Hour? – Don Middlebrook
  3. Frio River – Mark David Manders
  4. Sip It Slow – Jeff Dayton
  5. A Bar Down in Mexico – Mark Mulligan
  6. Savannah Fare You Well – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Buffett, Boogie and Booze – TJ Walsh
  8. Knee Deep (feat Jimmy Buffett) – Zac Brown Band
  9. Trop Rockin Man – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  10. Peave Love and Sandy Feet – Mack Meadows
  11. If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett
  12. Happiness Comes in Waves – Beth Travers
  13. Nothing to Do and All Day to Do It – Darrell Clanton

Video Preview

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