Photo courtesy of Mike Willis/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Mike Willis/Flickr

Yo ho ho and a bottle (or two) of rum!  This week, we mix it up a bit and have some fun with those drunk pirates.  After all, isn’t life one big adventure with the occasional treasure?  So grab something cold to drink, brush up on your pirate speak and tune in Wednesday, June 22nd, at 7:00pm to set sail with Gulf Coast Cowboy!

Track Listing

1. Too Drunk To Fish – Ray Stevens

2. Drunk Tourist – Brent Burns

3. Drunk on Mallory Square – Dani Hoy

4. Talk Like a Pirate – The Never Land Pirate Band

5. Three Day Drunk Looking For a Place to Happen – Jim Morris

6. Gettin’ Down To Pirate Town – The Pirate Sessions

7. Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Rum – The Barefoot Man

8. Fun With Rum – Kelly Brown

9. Margaritaville – Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

10. A Pirate Looks At Forty – Roger Creager

11. Blame It On The Rum – Sunny Jim

12. Rum and Coca-Cola – Gene Mitchell

13. A Pirate On The Caribbean – The Boat Drunks

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