The Time to Fly is Now

Courtesy Flickr Zach Dischner
The Flying Dutchman – This is Auke, one of the Vela guys I recently got to hang out in Mexico on my Kiteboarding vacation.

So your bank account is empty. Your wife, girlfriend,boyfriend or kids are all screaming for attention. It’s time to fly away now. Drop everything you are doing tune into the Gulf Cost Cowboy show and let us take you on a one hour journey away from reality and into the clouds. Well find away to Mexico, head to Belize or maybe just  sneak into a Tiki bar as we explore all the favorite hideaways and get aways…. Come join the fun and add to it by dropping us a request a [email protected]!

Track Listing

  1. Tiki Bar Blues – Highway 1
  2. Ah, Vacation – Jimmy and the Parrots
  3. Star of the Tiki Bar – Steve Hopper
  4. Long Way to Mexico – Roger Creager
  5. Stay Thirsty – Mike Nash and Southern Drawl Band
  6. Silver Wings – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Down In Belize – Jerry Jeff Walker
  8. Hot Sand, Pina Coladas, and Caribbean Beer – Seth Turner
  9. Island Song – Ray Boone
  10. Carry Me Home – Sand Dollar Rodeo
  11. They Kicked Me Out of the Country (but they Can’t Kick the Country out of Me) – Scott Niolet
  12. I Wanna Touch The Sun – Sonny Russell and The Tropics
  13. Meeting of the Minds – Coley McCabe
  14. Beach in Heaven – The Detentions

Video Preview

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