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Randomness, we use it daily when putting together music for you our wonderful listeners. This week’s Gulf Coast Cowboy hour takes that eclectic playlist and stretches it to the bounds of nowhere. There is no hidden meaning to this grouping of songs. We simply liked them all, though they would help you make it through another week and maybe put a smile on your face. We hope you enjoy, let us know what you like or if there are songs that drive up the preverbal wall. We’ll get rid of those. Drop us line with comments to [email protected]’.

Track Listing

  1. Living in the Real L.A. – Bob Durand
  2. Jolly Mon Sing – Jimmy Buffett
  3. Love and Luck (1992 Box Set Version) – Jimmy Buffett
  4. Flip Flops – Joe Downing
  5. Heaven Can’t Be Paradise If There’s No Place to Fish – Barefoot Man
  6. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson
  7. Drinking and Driving Me Crazy – Erica Sunshine Lee
  8. Staycation – Double Dee
  9. Beach Chillin – Dave Burks & Jus4Fun Band
  10. Toes – Zac Brown Band
  11. Island – Trent Willmon
  12. ETA: Manana – Tom Varley & The Sun Dogs
  13. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’ Arcs
  14. Livin’ Loose (In My Barefoot Shoes)  – Boomer Blake

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