Seems like we want to escape the Daily Grind every Wednesday night at 7pm when the Gulf Coast Cowboy show airs. Well yeah! It is the chance to figure out how to change our outlook on life and reconfigure our mind onto a beach. The thought of “road trips” always peeks our interest. Hope this play list peeks yours. Join us as we Leave Life Behind for another Hour. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Track Listing

  1. Road Trip – Gary P. Nunn
  2. Key West Heart – Huge Duarte
  3. Still in Mexico – John Friday
  4. Just Came Down for the Weekend – Mark Mulligan
  5. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’Arcs
  6. Gentlemen of Leisure – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Come Down to Paradise – Key West
  8. Well Wasted Time – Don Middlebrook
  9. Living and Living Well – George Strait
  10. So He Sails – Eric Stone
  11. Port ‘A’ Saturday Night – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  12. Ah, Vacation – Jimmy and the Parrots
  13. Livin’ Well – Hanna’s Reef

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