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The first week of Daylight Savings time can throw you for a loop. Especially if you are a nocturnal person like most of us at The Gulf Coast Cowboy show. So with the big ball up in the air later in the day we give you some more reasons to celebrate and a lot of fun ways to do it. Listen in as we take you on your midweek trip to the ocean waves, sandy beaches and nautical beacons that help us navigate beyond the head winds of everyday Life. Hope you enjoy the show.

Track Listing

  1. Another Lost Weekend – Kelly Brown
  2. Island Time – Key West
  3. Stars on the Water – George Strait
  4. Coastlin’ – Larry Joe Taylor
  5. Island Standard Time – Loren Davidson
  6. Six Pack and a Tan – Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24
  7. Guitars and Flip Flops – Glen Mock and the Tropical Dreamers
  8. In the Country – Brandon Rhyder
  9. Coral Bay Day – A1A
  10. Three Day Drunk Lookin’ for a Place to Happen – Jim Morris
  11. Welcome to the Beach – PHINS
  12. Capano Bay – Randy Rogers Band

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